November 18, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Tipping Your Wedding Vendors

So you're already paying your vendors a LOT of money...Is it really necessary to tip them, too?

And the answer is yes. At least for some of them! Think about it like you're tipping your waiter or waitress at a restaurant. Even if you rack up a $100 food bill, would it be okay to just not tip the server since you already paid so much? Not at all! That would be very insulting, and it kind of works the same way for wedding vendors. :) They put in SO much effort, and they are service providers, so it is courteous to tip them for their services and all their hard work that they've put in to make your Perfect Dream Wedding amazing.

So who do you need to tip, and how much? Let's find out!

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Which Wedding Vendors Need to Be Tipped?

Not all wedding vendors expect a tip, but all of them definitely appreciate it! So if you have the budget for it, then it would mean the world to them if they get handed a nice fat envelope full of cash. :) Trust me, I know! ;) And it also gives them motivation to do an ever BETTER job at your wedding! Definitely a win-win situation there. :)


Your caterers absolutely need to be tipped, especially since you'll have a lot of service staff helping out! Ask to see if your caterers already include gratuity on the total bill. If not, then make sure to have an envelope ready for them on your wedding day. :) 

A good tip is 15-25% of the total bill!


Bartenders do not need to be tipped if you're putting out a tip jar for the guests to fill up during the night! However, if you're not having a tip jar out for them, then you should tip 15-20% of your total alcohol bill.

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Hair & Makeup Artists

Most of the time, your hair and makeup artists don't own the company, since a lot of hair and makeup businesses have many different stylists and artists. If this is the case for your specific hair and makeup artists, then you need to tip them for their services. 15-25% of the total is great!

If your hair and makeup artists ARE the owners of the business, then tipping is totally optional. :)

Florist, Baker, & Rentals

Since your florist, your baker, and your rental companies will most likely be delivering for you and setting up, then tipping is definitely expected! Especially since most of the time, those who are delivering and setting up for you aren't the actual owners of the business.

A thoughtful $5-$20 per person is definitely adequate! The more they have to deliver and set up, the higher their tip should be. :) So if it's just one person delivering 1 cake, then $5 or $10 would do! But if it's a florist who's bringing a team of 5 people and setting up super elaborate work that takes 5 hours, then you would want to do at least $20 per person, if not more!

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Limo Drivers/Transportation

If you have a limo driver for the end of the night, or you have shuttle buses or party buses escorting multiple guests, then a tip is for sure expected! 15-20% of the total bill is a good rule of thumb!

Parking Attendants

If you have parking attendants or a valet service who are parking your guests' cars, a tip of $1 per car is sufficient!

Which Wedding Vendors Don't Expect a Tip?

A great rule of thumb for knowing who needs to be tipped and who doesn't is to ask the question "Are they the owner of the company/business?" If the answer is yes, and they are the owner, then they usually don't require a tip!

But, if the answer is no, and they're just working for the business/company, then a tip is courteous and expected! So if any of the following vendors do NOT own their business, then please tip them!

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Photographer & Videographer

They usually aren't expecting a tip. But! They would DEFINITELY appreciate a tip if you do decide to give one!

Also, keep in mind if they're bringing any assistants with them who aren't owners of the company. If they're bringing any, a monetary tip for the assistants would be very appreciated. :)


The same rules for the photographer and videographer applies to the DJ! The owners of the company usually don't expect a tip. But if your DJ is someone who only works for the company (and doesn't own it), then make sure to tip them!

Wedding Planner/Coordinator

Wedding planners rarely expect a tip, but we sure do appreciate it when we get them! ;) But double-check to make sure that yours owns the company. If they're not the owner, then make sure to tip!


Officiants don't usually expect to be tipped. But, if they offered their services for free, make sure to give them a nice gift to show your appreciation. :)

So there you have it! The ultimate guide to tipping all your wedding vendors. :) If you have any questions at all, feel free to send me a private message or DM!

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