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Even when I made mistakes and made her job harder, she made my work significantly easier!

Grace R. from Dallas, Texas

I cannot express how helpful she has been these past few months. Chelsey reached out to me after one of my posts, gave me a call, and we talked for a good 30 minutes. A woman I barely know, took time out of her day to help in any way she could. I definitely recommend anyone who is planning a wedding to get in touch with her.

Samantha D. from Dallas, Texas

Chelsey was so incredibly helpful in communicating with my vendors. I’m so glad I got to sit back and enjoy my big day while she did her thing! At the end of the night, even my DJ came up and told me in all his years of weddings, he has worked with many coordinators and was so very impressed with her professionalism! We’re so glad we chose her to help our big day run smoothly!

Madison P. from Dallas, Texas

Chelsey was amazing!! We didn't have to worry about anything. She took all of the stress of the day off. We didn't even know until way later that our caterer was actually running almost an hour late, and she snuck them around the back quietly to set up right after our ceremony had already started. But of course, she didn't stress us out with this! She handled things so professionally and quickly.

Mercedes L. from Vidor, Texas

Chelsey and Danae's creativity will blow you away every time as they organize and design everything to the finest detail. They are committed to making the planning part easy and fun and work hard to allow clients to fully enjoy their event without having to worry about a thing. These two ladies are professional, thorough, creative, friendly, and always helpful.

Debbie S. from Garland, Texas

Having Someone Truly There For You Through All The Excitement And Challenges Of An Important Event Is What Makes A Great Experience An Amazing One. Having The Opportunity To Work Alongside Chelsey Has Been The Most Supportive Experience. Her Attention To Detail, Kind And Caring Nature, And Initiative Is A Testament To Her Quality Of Work. For Anyone Planning Their Dream Wedding, Looking For Someone To Support And Cheer You On While Making All The Planning And Preparing Easier So You Can Focus On Continuing To Build Your Dream Relationship, Chelsey Is Who You Need To Call!

Sarah C.

Chelsey was incredibly helpful with the entire wedding process. From giving us ideas on where to find things, recommending companies to use, or contacting people we had forgotten, the pre-wedding prep was a breeze! There were things I hadn't even thought to think of that she pointed out which otherwise could've ended in disaster. She was professional and super sweet (😊), definitely someone I would recommend!

Kayla W. from Garland, Texas

Chelsey and Danae were wonderful in helping us prep for our wedding day. Knowing that they had everything under control allowed me to just focus on getting married instead of worrying about months of minute details. They helped alleviate pressure leading up to our wedding and made sure it was as smooth and stress- free as possible.

Stephanie B. from Richardson, TX

As a minister, I have officiated multiple weddings that Danae and/or Chelsey coordinated. I have always found them to be organized and on top of things. They do a great job making the events run smoothly and making them special for the couple and their guests. But more importantly to me, they are very sweet, kind, and pleasant to work with! They treat everyone with respect and are graceful under pressure. I would love to work with them again!

Brandon W. from Plano, Texas

Chelsey did an outstanding job making sure my wife and I did everything we needed in order for our wedding to be without many hiccups. She thought of things to do we never would have. And she did it all at an amazing price! Thank you so much Chelsey! We'll recommend you to others in the future for sure!

Trevor W. from Garland, Texas

Chelsey helped make my wedding day stress-free. She took care of all the details and allowed us to enjoy our wedding day! Everything went so smoothly and she’s a joy to work with!

Isabelle H. from Portland, Oregon

I can speak from personal experience in saying that Chelsey would be an amazing wedding planner for you!! She is passionate, very creative, and organized--all essentials for a great wedding planner! I truly appreciated the way she was always ready to help me achieve what I was looking for with my wedding.

Ana Lisa J. from Colorado Springs, Colorado

Chelsey was very sweet and included me during the day as we prepared the venue for the wedding. She was organized with a detailed list, and she has a beautiful smile. I saw that sweet smile even when things were getting down to the wire as we finished preparations for the actual ceremony. She stayed to oversee the cleanup which was a blessing since we were so tired from the day. I know my son and his bride were very pleased with their weddingl. I would definitely recommend her services.

Glenda L.

Danae was awesome!! She was organized, professional, polite, and so very kind. She knew every aspect of the wedding and details. I would highly recommend using Double Blessing Events! Several days prior to the wedding she sent both mothers a timeline for the day of. It was very helpful and helped ease my concerns just to know what to expect and when. I am so very thankful for all the help.

Denise L.

Chelsey did an absolute amazing job assisting me in planning my wedding. She asked questions to the vendors that I wouldn't have even thought to ask. Because of her, I saved a ton of money on my wedding, as she stuck with my budget that I gave her from the start. She is personal, professional, responsive, and by the end of it, she won't only just be your wedding planner, she will be your friend as well. I highly recommend her and so thankful she was there for my big day. I wouldn't have known what to do without her!

Rachel P. from Plano, Texas