Wow, we are so honored to receive all these super sweet words by our couples and their families...God is so good! If you'd like to see more reviews, check out our Google page. :)


Words cannot describe the absolute BLESSING that Chelsey has been in our lives. I had NO idea how to plan a wedding, but I knew it was a BIG project and I heard a lot of married women share that it was "stressful." I even had friends tell me not to plan a wedding to avoid the stress. I was clear that I wanted a wedding, and I also wanted it to be a fun experience! I knew that it could be because it's such an incredible, once in a lifetime event in your life! So I prayed for God to show me the path to make this all happen and sure enough, I joined a free online wedding summit and that's where I met Chelsey. From the moment I heard her share her passions for planning weddings and her expertise on the subject, I wanted to talk to her. I set up a call with her and instantly felt comfortable. Aside from her wealth of knowledge about all details of weddings, it was her absolute JOY that drew me to her. She was overflowing with enthusiasm for planning my wedding and I didn't even know this woman! It was a no brainer to hire her and it was the best investment I made in our entire wedding process! Now it's easy for someone to be enthusiastic when they first meet you and you're buying their services, and I wondered if Chelsey would really be this excited the entire 10 months we worked together. BUT SHE WAS! I'm not even kidding! There was no question I asked that bothered her (and I asked a million questions). She was always my number one supporter through the process, and she made the entire planning process as smooth as it can be, while offering her creative touches and ideas all along the way! I always felt like she was encouraging me to make my own decisions and I never felt that she pushed her own agenda on me, not once. And you would think that someone as NICE and incredibly thoughtful as Chelsey might be a pushover, but she was never afraid to ask the hard questions and to tell my vendors exactly what I needed. Even if it wasn't the easiest feedback. To say that Chelsey went above and beyond for me and my husband is a limited statement. She went light years above and beyond! Not only did she always offer to make a call, research something (or just do it naturally because she's always said, "that's my job silly!"), consistently communicate with me, get things done very quickly and efficiently, offer me unconditional support through the process, constantly cheerlead my progress and encourage me the entire way...but she also helped me with my spiritual growth in my preparation to be married!! That far exceeded what I imagined a wedding planner would or could provide. When I was sick with Covid and had to delay my bachelorette party, she left a message and prayed over me and my husband. She offered to help my maid of honor with my bridal shower and even asked if I needed any help preparing for the honeymoon! There are so many examples where this woman took care of me and loved me through this process and I COULD NOT have done this without her. During the wedding weekend, she texted and communicated with my bridal party, she was always there on time, very organized and running the show. She made sure everyone had their place, knew what to do and set up everything with the vendors. I felt 100% secure on my wedding day because I knew Chelsey was handling things behind the scenes and I trust her completely! She is an amazing woman and human being and to have her as a wedding planner was a complete honor!! I recommend Chelsey Morin 100% and would give her 500 stars if I could! You will be BEYOND BLESSED to have her and her sister make your special day the very best because she is the VERY BEST wedding planner there is!

Amber E.

I worked with Chelsey from Double Blessing Events for my wedding and WOW! She is AMAZING! I would recommend her over and over again for any bride looking for a coordinator for their wedding. I did the day-of coordination service and Chelsey was available with any questions throughout my entire engagement, even though we begun to work more formally together 6 weeks out from the wedding. We had 2 formal details meetings to review everything, and Chelsey had everything under control on the day of. She really took the time to understand my vision for my big day and help out with last minute details and communication with vendors. This took a huge weight off of me in the final week of the wedding! Double Blessing Events also provides brides with a la carte services, full wedding planning, access to a special wedding planning facebook group, and tons of planning resources for great prices. Don't hesitate, and book Chelsey!!

Hannah B.

My husband and I were blown away with our services from Double Blessing Events! From our first inquiry phone call with them to after the wedding, Danae and Chelsey went above and beyond to make sure our wedding was everything we ever wanted! Danae was awesome! She was extremely encouraging and checked in throughout our engagement season just to see how she could be praying for us and if there was anything she could do for us. Additionally, she knew exactly what needed to be done and helped guide us through things we would have never thought we would need to do in preparation for our wedding. Our favorite thing about hiring Danae was that she fielded all of the questions from family members and messaged them what they needed to bring and where they needed to be so we didn’t have to worry about anything in the days leading up to the wedding. When it came to the day of the wedding, she had helped me plan every detail and made sure the day was executed well and I didn’t have to stress about anything! There is so much more I could say about working with Danae and Double Blessing Events! They are literally the best and we were so blessed to work with them!


Such a great experience! Of course, as a new bride I had no idea of what to start with or what direction to go in and Double Blessings helped me plan out the perfect wedding with zero hiccups!! Beautiful wedding!!

Caity W.

We had Danae to coordinate our wedding and I cannot say enough good things about the work she and Aubrey did…They did an amazing job that I’m very happy about. I don’t know what I would have done without them…thank you so much Danae, Chelsey, and Aubrey ❤️ you guys are the best…I didn’t have to worry about any coordination during our ceremony or reception. Double Blessing Events did a wonderful job! And Danae can keep a secret too😂 God bless you!

Orelie M.

We had a wonderful time planning our wedding with Chelsey! She was SO detailed and flexible in scheduling planning meetings that fit our schedule (even if it was 8pm). We started this process with a planner and completed it with a new friend.

Jonathan K.

Danae and Shay made things go smoothly on our special day and I’ll be forever grateful. Time management was one of my priorities and Danae was on point. With only a few weeks til the wedding, Danae prioritized things for me, making sure vendors were set, orders placed, & everyone knew what to do. Thank you so much for all that you did!

Daiga W.

When I started to think about planning my wedding, I knew I couldn't do all of it on my own. I am so grateful we decided to get some help with y'all! It was such a blessing and a relief to have Shay there with us on our special day. Shay went above and beyond for us without any hesitations. She did her job wonderfully and I would recommend her, or any of the ladies from Double Blessing Events to anyone planning a wedding!!


Now that I’ve had some time to adjust back into reality, I’ve had time to reflect on our perfect wedding day. Having Chelsey as our “month-of” coordinator was one of the best investments we made for our wedding. I loved that she took the weight off of my shoulders to ensure everything went smoothly with all of our vendors, bridal party, and family. She even made sure we got to enjoy some of our cake for our limo ride to the hotel. I could tell the way she ran our rehearsal so efficiently that she was the perfect choice to run our wedding efficiently. I am most definitely a Type A, controlling type of person, so for me to put my full trust in someone else shows how confident I felt with her on our team. Because of Chelsey handling all the questions of where everyone was supposed to go and what time to be where, I was able to relax and know that everything was taken care of. Chelsey gave us the best gift of all- peace of mind. I know my stress levels would have been through the roof if it weren’t for her. When we got engaged, I was told that having a wedding coordinator is a MUST and I couldn't agree more. Thank you, Chelsey, for everything!

Melanie T.

Chelsey is so good at what she does! I truly don't know what I would have done without her. I started out wedding planning feeling totally lost and overwhelmed, but she came up with a detailed plan for everything that needed to be done and when. She took a situation that was stressful for everyone and made it easy and fun! Thank you so much, Chelsey, for helping make my wedding so perfect!

Amanda H.

I cannot say enough amazing things about Danae!! We used her as our month-of-coordinator. If you are questioning hiring a coordinator, this is your sign! She helped ease our nerves, everything fell perfectly into place because of her! Danae has the sweetest spirit. She is organized to the T. Professional is an understatement. You need her as a part of your wedding! She was our biggest blessing and we are thankful we can also now call her a friend.

Olivia L.

Chelsey was amazing!! We didn't have to worry about anything. She took all of the stress of the day off. We didn't even know until way later that our caterer was actually running almost an hour late, and she snuck them around the back quietly to set up right after our ceremony had already started. But of course, she didn't stress us out with this! She handled things so professionally and quickly.

Mercedes L.

Danae was the Day of Coordinator of our wedding and I cannot say enough good things about the work she did. She met with me prior to our wedding so we could go over what I was wanting the day of. I didn't have to worry about any coordination during our ceremony or reception. Double Blessing Weddings and Events did a wonderful job!

Melanie L.

Words cannot describe the absolute BLESSING that Chelsey has been in our lives. I had NO idea how to plan a wedding…So I prayed for God to show me the path to make this all happen and sure enough, I met Chelsey. Aside from her wealth of knowledge about all details of weddings, it was her absolute JOY that drew me to her. It was a no brainer to hire her and it was the best investment I made in our entire wedding process!

Amber E.

Chelsey was so incredibly helpful in communicating with my vendors. I’m so glad I got to sit back and enjoy my big day while she did her thing! At the end of the night, even my DJ came up and told me in all his years of weddings, he has worked with many coordinators and was so very impressed with her professionalism! We’re so glad we chose her to help our big day run smoothly!

Madison P.