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Girl! You. Are. ENGAGED! We are beyond excited for you! Wow, God finally brought the man that you've been praying for all these years, and we know that you want your special day to be absolutely perfect! A day where you can truly celebrate this covenant that you're making with each other and with the Lord and not have to worry about a single thing!

And that's where we come in. ;) We’ve gotten our perfect weddings, and now we’re here to help you with yours. You won't have to worry if the caterers came on time, or if Dad is ready for his daddy/daughter dance with you. We've got it covered so that you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy every single moment of your wedding day!

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Chelsey was so incredibly helpful in communicating with my vendors. I’m so glad I got to sit back and enjoy my big day while she did her thing! At the end of the night, even my DJ came up and told me in all his years of weddings, he has worked with many coordinators and was so very impressed with her professionalism! We’re so glad we chose her to help our big day run smoothly!

Madison P.


Chelsey did an absolute amazing job assisting me in planning my wedding. She asked questions to the vendors that I wouldn't have even thought to ask. Because of her, I saved a ton of money on my wedding, as she stuck with my budget that I gave her from the start. She is personal, professional, responsive, and by the end of it, she won't only just be your wedding planner, she will be your friend as well. I highly recommend her and so thankful she was there for my big day. I wouldn't have known what to do without her!

Rachel P.


I cannot express how helpful she has been these past few months. Chelsey reached out to me after one of my posts, gave me a call, and we talked for a good 30 minutes. A woman I barely know, took time out of her day to help in any way she could. I definitely recommend anyone who is planning a wedding to get in touch with her.

Samantha D.


Our rehearsal went smoothly, every question was answered. She somehow corralled our crazy crew. I was shaky nervous entering the rehearsal, and I left cool, calm, and collected because of Danae. Our wedding day was more than I could have dreamed of. I didn't have a worry in the world. Having Danae there allowed me to sit back, relax, and enjoy my day as a bride. I don't think we ran into one mishap, thanks to her planning. Or, she at least hid it very well and didn't tell me!

Olivia L.


Danae was awesome!! She was organized, professional, polite, and so very kind. She knew every aspect of the wedding and details. I would highly recommend using Double Blessing Events! Several days prior to the wedding she sent both mothers a timeline for the day of. It was very helpful and helped ease my concerns just to know what to expect and when. I am so very thankful for all the help.

Denise L. (Mother of the Bride)


There are so many examples where this woman took care of me and loved me through this process and I COULD NOT have done this without her. She made sure everyone had their place, knew what to do and set up everything with the vendors. I felt 100% secure on my wedding day because I knew Chelsey was handling things behind the scenes and I trust her completely! She is an amazing woman and human being and to have her as a wedding planner was a complete honor!! I recommend Chelsey Morin 100% and would give her 500 stars if I could!

Amber E.


Hi, I’m Chelsey!

Ever since I was little girl, I dreamed of my wedding day and my Prince Charming. I watched every Disney movie and was so captivated by the thought that I would find my husband one day. I could not wait!!

And man, did I have lotssss of expectations for my wedding day. I had an entire folder in my Google Drive for my wedding...before I even met my husband! Yep. I was that girl.

Wedding planning is my absolute dream job. I wouldn't have believed you a few years ago if you told me that I would quit my full-time teaching job and start doing this! What a huge blessing. I wouldn't do anything else!

If we end up working together, you will quickly see how much I love it, because I will be excited enough about your wedding for the BOTH of us!

Ahh, I can't wait to work together!


Hi, I’m Danae!

I think back to my days as a young girl who day-dreamed about finding true love and having an extravagant wedding. (Thank you, Disney!)

I now know life isn’t as perfect as the movies make it seem, but that doesn’t mean my desire to help you have your dream wedding can’t come true!

Ever since my time in college, I have been blessed with the opportunity to walk alongside many of my friends during their wedding journeys.

There is nothing like the exhilaration of a wedding day in full swing as guests begin to arrive and pure excitement is in the air!

It would be a blessing to help you with your special day!


Double Blessing Weddings + Events

So how did Double Blessing Events start? How did two sisters from Dallas, TX create a wedding planning business that ended up helping dozens of couples have their Happily Ever Afters?


When Chelsey and Danae were in college, they loved planning events for their church groups and communities. So when their friends started getting engaged, they begged Chelsey and Danae to help plan their weddings. And of course Chelsey and Danae were ecstatic. Weddings were their absolute favorite!

Well, the sisters didn’t realize that this was happening to the other one, too! So one day, when they were chatting on the phone, the topic came up that one of them was helping with a wedding. And then they realized that this was happening to both of them! Haha, what a coincidence!

Over the years, Chelsey and Danae did so many weddings for their friends and family that they finally decided to create their own wedding planning business!


They chose this name because it represented the two of them being a double blessing to their brides, and it also showed their love for Jesus. How perfect!












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