Wow, we are so honored to receive all these super sweet words by our couples and their families...God is so good! If you'd like to see more reviews, check out our Google page. :)


If you've got a wedding coming up, go to these ladies, they will take great care of you! Even when I made mistakes and made her job harder, she made my work significantly easier!

Grace R.

Excellent & professional service from the beginning stages to the end. Chelsey is very responsive. Even during this pandemic, she was patient and accomplished so much to put our mind at ease. Loved working with her. Not only does she live up to the name "Double Blessing", but she is a "True Blessing".

Mrs. Joe (Mother of the Bride)

Chelsey was incredibly helpful with the entire wedding process. From giving us ideas on where to find things, recommending companies to use, or contacting people we had forgotten, the pre-wedding prep was a breeze! There were things I hadn't even thought to think of that she pointed out which otherwise could've ended in disaster. She was professional and super sweet (ūüėä), definitely someone I would recommend!

Kayla W.

Chelsey did an absolute amazing job assisting me in planning my wedding. She asked questions to the vendors that I wouldn't have even thought to ask. Because of her, I saved a ton of money on my wedding, as she stuck with my budget that I gave her from the start. She is personal, professional, responsive, and by the end of it, she won't only just be your wedding planner, she will be your friend as well. I highly recommend her and so thankful she was there for my big day. I wouldn't have known what to do without her!

Rachel P.

To say that Chelsey went above and beyond for me and my husband is a limited statement. She went light years above and beyond! Not only did she always offer to make a call, research something (or just do it naturally because she's always said, "that's my job silly!"), consistently communicate with me, get things done very quickly and efficiently, offer me unconditional support through the process, constantly cheerlead my progress and encourage me the entire way...but she also helped me with my spiritual growth in my preparation to be married!! That far exceeded what I imagined a wedding planner would or could provide.

Amber E.

I cannot express how helpful she has been these past few months. Chelsey reached out to me after one of my posts, gave me a call, and we talked for a good 30 minutes. A woman I barely know, took time out of her day to help in any way she could. I definitely recommend anyone who is planning a wedding to get in touch with her.

Samantha D.

I can speak from personal experience in saying that Chelsey would be an amazing wedding planner for you!! She is passionate, very creative, and organized--all essentials for a great wedding planner! I truly appreciated the way she was always ready to help me achieve what I was looking for with my wedding.

Ana Lisa J.

She allowed my extremely detail-oriented wife to relax, and fully enjoy our day. That was one of my most important requirements, and Chelsey categorically exceeded it. If she wasn't involved on our day, I'd hate to think of a negative outcome if she wasn't there. I would not hesitate to recommend Chelsey for others' special day.

Taylor L. (Groom)

Our rehearsal went smoothly, every question was answered. She somehow corralled our crazy crew. I was shaky nervous entering the rehearsal, and I left cool, calm, and collected because of Danae. Our wedding day was more than I could have dreamed of. I didn't have a worry in the world. Having Danae there allowed me to sit back, relax, and enjoy my day as a bride. I don't think we ran into one mishap, thanks to her planning. Or, she at least hid it very well and didn't tell me!

Olivia L.

Danae was awesome!! She was organized, professional, polite, and so very kind. She knew every aspect of the wedding and details. I would highly recommend using Double Blessing Events! Several days prior to the wedding she sent both mothers a timeline for the day of. It was very helpful and helped ease my concerns just to know what to expect and when. I am so very thankful for all the help.

Denise L. (Mother of the Bride)

There are so many examples where this woman took care of me and loved me through this process and I COULD NOT have done this without her. She made sure everyone had their place, knew what to do and set up everything with the vendors. I felt 100% secure on my wedding day because I knew Chelsey was handling things behind the scenes and I trust her completely! She is an amazing woman and human being and to have her as a wedding planner was a complete honor!! I recommend Chelsey Morin 100% and would give her 500 stars if I could!

Amber E.

She helped us through so much of the thinking and planning leading up to the big day - whether to have an outdoor ceremony or indoor, and coordinated the decorating, met every vendor that day and helped them get in position and set up, managed our tips, helped us adjust our timeline of the night on the fly (we moved up our departure from the reception by an hour because people we leaving earlier than expected - we were totally fine with that! And we got to leave early too! Wouldn't have been able to make that decision without her!), and she coordinated the clean up effort!

Mercedes L.

I was so relaxed to know she was there to put out any fires that might have come up. And, if they did I had no knowledge of them. Without her, we wouldn't have our special stress-free day!

Suzie P.

Chelsey and Danae were wonderful in helping us prep for our wedding day. Knowing that they had everything under control allowed me to just focus on getting married instead of worrying about months of minute details. They helped alleviate pressure leading up to our wedding and made sure it was as smooth and stress- free as possible.

Stephanie B.

I knew we were in good hands, and any questions anyone had we could point them to her. Chelsey really does care about her clients and wants to understand their vision for their wedding. So she can help bring it to life. She does all of this and more, even during a pandemic.

Trent M. (Groom)