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Our rehearsal went smoothly, every question was answered. She somehow corralled our crazy crew. I was shaky nervous entering the rehearsal, and I left cool, calm, and collected because of Danae. Our wedding day was more than I could have dreamed of. I didn't have a worry in the world. Having Danae there allowed me to sit back, relax, and enjoy my day as a bride. I don't think we ran into one mishap, thanks to her planning. Or, she at least hid it very well and didn't tell me!

Olivia L.

Danae was awesome!! She was organized, professional, polite, and so very kind. She knew every aspect of the wedding and details. I would highly recommend using Double Blessing Events! Several days prior to the wedding she sent both mothers a timeline for the day of. It was very helpful and helped ease my concerns just to know what to expect and when. I am so very thankful for all the help.

Denise L. (Mother of the Bride)

There are so many examples where this woman took care of me and loved me through this process and I COULD NOT have done this without her. She made sure everyone had their place, knew what to do and set up everything with the vendors. I felt 100% secure on my wedding day because I knew Chelsey was handling things behind the scenes and I trust her completely! She is an amazing woman and human being and to have her as a wedding planner was a complete honor!! I recommend Chelsey Morin 100% and would give her 500 stars if I could!

Amber E.

She helped us through so much of the thinking and planning leading up to the big day - whether to have an outdoor ceremony or indoor, and coordinated the decorating, met every vendor that day and helped them get in position and set up, managed our tips, helped us adjust our timeline of the night on the fly (we moved up our departure from the reception by an hour because people we leaving earlier than expected - we were totally fine with that! And we got to leave early too! Wouldn't have been able to make that decision without her!), and she coordinated the clean up effort!

Mercedes L.

I was so relaxed to know she was there to put out any fires that might have come up. And, if they did I had no knowledge of them. Without her, we wouldn't have our special stress-free day!

Suzie P.

Chelsey and Danae were wonderful in helping us prep for our wedding day. Knowing that they had everything under control allowed me to just focus on getting married instead of worrying about months of minute details. They helped alleviate pressure leading up to our wedding and made sure it was as smooth and stress- free as possible.

Stephanie B.

I knew we were in good hands, and any questions anyone had we could point them to her. Chelsey really does care about her clients and wants to understand their vision for their wedding. So she can help bring it to life. She does all of this and more, even during a pandemic.

Trent M. (Groom)

Chelsey was very sweet and included me during the day as we prepared the venue for the wedding. She was organized with a detailed list, and she has a beautiful smile. I saw that sweet smile even when things were getting down to the wire as we finished preparations for the actual ceremony. She stayed to oversee the cleanup which was a blessing since we were so tired from the day. I know my son and his bride were very pleased with their weddingl. I would definitely recommend her services.

Glenda L. (Mother of the Groom)

Chelsey helped make my wedding day stress-free. She took care of all the details and allowed us to enjoy our wedding day! Everything went so smoothly and she’s a joy to work with!

Isabelle H.

Chelsey did an outstanding job making sure my wife and I did everything we needed in order for our wedding to be without many hiccups. She thought of things to do we never would have. And she did it all at an amazing price! Thank you so much Chelsey! We'll recommend you to others in the future for sure!

Trevor W. (Groom)

We hit major bumps in the road, and you had huge shoes to fill with a list you couldn't have prepared for, but you stayed the course, held your own & "survived" our day (LOL) without anyone noticing that anything ever went wrong. Thank you for not being scared off by a FULL plate!!

Kristen M.

Chelsey took over my wife's and I idea of a dream wedding, and helped make it possible. She was extremely attentive on our day. Not only did she make sure the wedding was running smooth (actively working with the other vendors, helping with setup/teardown), our guests satisfied, but that we received special attention as well. Her preparation process before hand showed the experience, and attention to detail, required to be an effective coordinator.

Taylor L. (Groom)

At our reception my maid of honor lost her speech and had to run out to find it, so Chelsey stepped up and spoke to the crowd announcing the best man to speak first instead. She went above and beyond and helped smooth over all the hitches! I was so thankful that I called her on the way to our hotel to thank her!!! Please book with this gem of a woman!!!

Kayla W.

Seriously, the most stress free day. All I had to worry about was arriving, getting ready, and getting hitched!

Mercedes L.

Chelsey did an amazing job at my daughter's wedding! I was so surprised at how smoothly everything went. I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is looking for a fantastic wedding planner!

Kelly S. (Mother of the Bride)