February 2, 2023

How Much Do Dallas Wedding Planners Cost?

Congratulations, you're engaged!! You have an entire wedding to plan, and you want to hire a wedding planner to help with everything. So how much do wedding planners cost in the Dallas Fort Worth area? What about wedding planners that you hire just for the day of? Read below to find out. :)

Dallas Wedding Planners vs. Day-Of Wedding Coordinators

Before we go into the cost for wedding planners in the Dallas area, we first need to explain the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator!

Wedding planners are with you every step of the way during the planning process. You hire them early on, right after getting engaged, and they help find your venue, find all your vendors, keep you on track with the timeline and to-do list, create your budget and design board, and help you with pretty much anything else that has to do with your wedding! :)

Day-of wedding coordinators come in at the tail-end of your planning process! You do the planning yourself, and they come in about one month before to tie up the loose ends, make sure you aren't forgetting anything, and run the wedding day for you. :)


What's the Cost for a Wedding Planner in Dallas?

So now that we've explained the difference between wedding planners and day-of coordinators, let's get to how much wedding planners in Dallas actually cost!

When you hire a wedding planner in the Dallas area, how much you spend on them varies widely! It all depends on several factors:

Keeping all these variables in mind, the cost of a wedding planner in Dallas ranges from $2,000 to 12,000. Full wedding planning packages start at $3,000 for less experienced planners and go up to $12,000 or more for very experienced planners. On average, you’ll find wedding planners between $2,000 and $5,000 in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Partial wedding planning packages start at $1,500 for less experienced planners and go up to $4,000 for more experienced wedding planners.


What's the Cost for a Day-of Wedding Coordinator in Dallas?

When you hire a wedding planner for just the day of the wedding in the Dallas area, how much they cost ranges quite a bit! It all depends on several factors:

Day-of wedding coordinators in the Dallas Fort Worth area cost between $500 and $2,500. Less experienced wedding coordinators range from $350-$750, and more seasoned wedding coordinators range from $1,000 to $2,500 for their day-of coordination packages.


How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Planner or Coordinator in the Dallas Area?

We suggest that our couples spend 10% of their total wedding budget on their wedding planner or coordinator! So if you have a $100,000 wedding budget, then you can expect to spend about $10,000 for your full wedding planner.

If you have a $50,000 wedding budget, then $5,000 would be a good benchmark for you. If your budget is $10,000 or less, then look for a day-of wedding coordinator under $1,000!

We charge $6,995 for our Full Wedding Planning Package, so our couples have budgets that are $70,000 and over. Our Day-Of Coordination Package is $1,995!

If you'd like to inquire with us as your Dallas wedding planners, please fill out this contact form to see if we're available on your wedding date! We'll get back to you ASAP. :)


What's Included in a Wedding Planner's Cost?

When you hire a wedding planner or coordinator, there are many things that are included in the cost! You're paying for all of her time, all of her services that she provides to you, all of the money and stress that she saves you, the peace of mind that she gives to you, and the fact that you can actually enjoy every part of your Perfect Dream Wedding!

In our wedding planning packages, we pray over each and every one of our couples and their future marriages, we bend over backwards to make sure you get everything you imagined and more, we're here for you 24/7 (seriously, we want you to reach out at any time!), and we want to not only serve you and your fiancé but your families, as well!

If you'd like to check out the specific services that are included in our Full Wedding Planning Package and our Day-Of Coordination Package, click the button below. :)


Do You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner for Your Dallas Wedding?

We highly recommend that every couple hires a wedding planner along their journey. If you're feeling completely lost on what to do and where to start, if you have no idea what to plan, if the budget is stressing you out, if you're freaking out because you feel so behind on everything and don't know what to do next, well that's exactly what wedding planners are for. :)

But we also understand that a full wedding planner might not fit your budget! And when that's the case, we definitely encourage you to get at least a wedding day-of coordinator to run the day for you. Then, you can focus on simply being the bride and enjoying the day! You won't have to juggle vendors or put out any fires that might come up.

If neither a wedding planner nor day-of coordinator fits your wedding budget (because that's just the reality sometimes!), then our Dream Wedding Planning Membership might be the best choice for you. We created this virtual membership specifically for DIY brides who are on a budget. It's a monthly membership that's all online, and we walk you through every part of planning your wedding from start to finish! When you join, you'll get access to your online portal, which will have videos taking you step by step through planning every detail you need. You also get all our professional wedding planning resources! Wedding checklists and spreadsheets, a timeline that's customized to your specific wedding date, questions to ask each vendor during the meetings, what to have in your wedding day emergency kit, and so much more! Everything you need to feel like you know what you're doing. :)

To learn more about the Dream Wedding Planning Membership and get a free 14-day trial (no payment required), click the button below! We look forward to heaving you in there if you think it would be a great fit for you. :)


Questions to Ask Before You Hire Your Dallas Wedding Planner

Before you take the leap and hire your wedding planner or coordinator, there are quite a few questions that you should ask!




We pray that all this information helps you make a better decision on hiring your wedding planner or coordinator for your wedding in the Dallas Fort Worth area! Thank you so much for reading, and GOD bless! :)

Thank you to all the amazing wedding vendors who made this dream wedding happen!

Wedding Planners: Chelsey Morin with Double Blessing Events in Dallas, TX

Venue: The SPRINGS Event Venue Tuscany Hill in McKinney, TX

Catering: Olive Garden

Bartending: Jose with 3Bartending

Hair & Makeup: Beauty Beatz by Lin

Photography: Rafael Badillo Photography

Videography: Eric & Mario with Knox Park Films

Florals & Décor: Cindy with Blissful Celebrations

DJ & Photo Booth: Nathan Acosta with DNA Event Services

Violinist: Gaily Cowart with The Electric Violin Lady

Officiant: Chuck with LoveNotes Weddings

Cake: Market Street

Event Staff: THE! Staffing Company

Sheriff: Elite Event Security Team











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