February 29, 2024

Navigating Knots: The Essential Checklist For Your Dallas Fort Worth Wedding

Now that you’re engaged, you kind of have this big thing on your plate, don’t you? You are now tasked with planning your entire Dallas Fort Worth wedding! But we’re here to help you, friend. 🙂 Below is our comprehensive checklist to guide you through this process, so that it doesn’t feel like an impossible mountain to climb over! From choosing the perfect venue to creating a practical budget to finalizing all the nitty gritty details, every step is crucial in ensuring that your special day runs smoothly. We pray that our detailed checklist helps you navigate the knots and creates an amazing wedding experience in Dallas Fort Worth!

1. Saving the Date and Selecting Your Wedding Venue

Dallas wedding venue: The Brooks at Weatherford @thebrooksatweatherford

Choosing Your Perfect Date

Selecting your ideal date for your Dallas Fort Worth wedding is based on a lot of factors, and this is the most important part! Without a date, you can’t have a wedding, haha. You’ll want to think about the weather conditions (tornadoes, hail, icepocalypses, oh my!), if your most important guests are available (are there any family events or vacations already scheduled?), and any significant events or holidays that might affect attendance. Since most of your guests will be attending church on Sundays, aim for a Friday or Saturday wedding!

Booking Your Venue

Choosing your date and selecting your venue easily go hand in hand. Some of our couples have a date they love, so we only choose a venue that’s available on that specific date. Others find a venue they love, and they schedule their date off the dates the venue is still available! We suggest choosing a few dates that both you and your fiance like, so then when you go on your venue tours, you have multiple options!

There are soooo many venues available in the Dallas Fort Worth area! The Dallas Country Club has that stunning ballroom feel. The Brooks at Weatherford in Fort Worth has a very traditional, country chic feel with its beautiful chapel and wood beams. Whatever venues you like, choose only 3 at a time to schedule tours with. When you go, see if you can envision your perfect day at that venue. Does it make you happy and joyful? Does it have enough space for all your guests? Do they offer bride and groom suites so you can relax and fellowship with your girls that morning?

Guest Accommodations

If most of your guests are local and live in the DFW area, and they won’t be traveling for your wedding, then you probably won’t need to get any hotels for them. But if most of your guests live outside the Dallas area or outside of Texas, then you most definitely will want to get some room blocks for them! This is definitely something to consider when you’re finding your wedding venue. Are there hotels nearby, or is the closest one an hour away? 

2. Creating a Budget

Ah, yes! Let’s talk about that wedding budget, shall we! You’re probably thinking that weddings are so expensive (they are!), but you also want what you want, and you’re going to get it! 😉 So let’s give you some steps to planning your wedding budget so you can figure out how much you should expect to spend! Here's how to effectively create and manage your wedding budget:

Dallas Wedding Planner + Coordinator: Chelsey Morin with Double Blessing Events @doubleblessingevents

Determine the Financial Guidelines

Before our couples start spending anything, we encourage them to know how much they have to spend! Begin by sitting down with your fiance to establish how much you have, and how much you’re comfortable with spending. Look at your savings, your investments, your income, if your family or friends have offered to pay for anything, and any other potential sources of funding!

A lot of the time, the wedding budget specifically is an area where we see the Lord asking our brides to surrender and fully trust Him. He is your Provider, and He cannot wait to provide an amazing wedding for you! He does not want you to have any worry or anxiety over where your finances will come from for your wedding day. See Him as someone who brings you out to a nice restaurant, and He takes the check! That’s exactly what He’s doing for you and your wedding right now. It’s already paid. You just have to trust Him.

Research Costs

While you’re figuring out how much to set aside for your wedding day, it might be helpful to see what things cost for weddings in the Dallas Fort Worth area! We actually broke it down for you here! Our breakdown includes expenses such as your venue, caterers, photographers, DJ, and attire. Feel free to use this information to help you get a more realistic expectation on how much you’ll be spending in each category!

Prioritize Your Expenses

Now that you have full trust in the Lord to provide, and you know how much you have to spend, you get to choose which things are most important to you for your wedding day! Is it the food? Is it a live band? A full bar? A gorgeous dress? If you could ONLY have three things for your wedding day, what would they be? (Not that you’ll literally only have these three things, but this is to help you decide which things would make you sad if they weren’t there!)

Allocate a larger portion of your budget to these three things first! That way, you get exactly what you want, and if you have to make any budget cuts, they’ll be on things that aren’t as important to you.

Set a Contingency Fund

Okay, having a contingency fund is a must must MUST! 99% of our couples ALWAYS go over budget. Yes, it’s true, haha. Not because we don’t do our job as wedding planners and help them stay within budget (trust us, we are ALL about holding you accountable!), but because they WANT to spend more. They simply don’t know what things cost at the very beginning before they hired us, which is why we come in and immediately set a contingency fund for them. ;) We recommend adding on an extra $5,000 or $10,000 for things you didn’t think about, or if you want to beef up your food budget, or if you decide later on to add to that guest count. Whatever you use it for, it is absolutely essential to have a contingency fund to accommodate any unforeseen costs that may pop up during the planning process!

Track Your Expenses

This is something that we cannot emphasize enough! Please track all your wedding expenses meticulously to make sure you stay within your budget! We know it’s not the FUNNEST thing about wedding planning, haha, but how can you know how much you spent if you don’t write it down? We track all expenses for our couples who hire us, and we use Google Sheets to keep everything in one place and keep track of vendor payments! If you’d like to see if we’re available on your date, click here

3. Selecting Vendors

Okay girlie! Now that you know your budget, you have an idea of what to expect cost-wise, and you have your priorities in place, it’s time to choose your vendor team! Choosing the right vendors is oh so important in bringing your amazing wedding to life. Here are some suggestions on how to navigate the vendor selection process effectively:

Dallas wedding photographer: Josh Atkins Photography @joshatkins.photos

Get Recommendations

A great place to start in your vendor search is by getting recommendations from your Dallas wedding planner! (If you don’t have one yet, check to see if we have your date available!) We provide all our couples with our vendor recommendations list that includes the specific vendors we’ve worked with (and loved!) who are in the Dallas Fort Worth area. 

You can also ask your wedding venue for their vendor recommendations, as well! (Make sure you booked them first, though.) Oh, and don’t forget about your family and friends who’ve gotten married recently. They might have some great recommendations!

Do Your Research!

My friend, this is CRUCIAL. We have heard way too many stories of vendors that a bride found on Facebook or Instagram who was just a scam and didn’t actually show up. It is an absolute must to do your due diligence and look into each and every one of these vendors that you’re considering!

Do they have a website? Do they have a professional email? Do they have highly-rated reviews on multiple platforms? How well do they respond to email? Do other vendors know them? Make sure to review their work and portfolios to see if they offer what you’re looking for!

Schedule Consultations

After you’ve narrowed down your favorite vendors, the next step is to schedule consultations with them! Most of your vendors will offer consultations, such as your venue, photographer, videographer, DJ, florist, officiant, baker, and stationer. Other vendors, such as your bartenders, hair and makeup team, and other smaller vendors don’t typically have consultations. These meetings provide a great opportunity to get to know them, see if you get along well, and determine if they are the best fit for you! Make sure to bring all your questions written down so you don’t forget. 🙂

Request Quotes and Proposals

Make sure to request quotes or proposals from your vendors after having consultations. Most of them will automatically send you one, but be sure to ask at the end of the meeting so you have their detailed services and costs in writing! Compare the proposals carefully, taking into account factors such as pricing, services included, and any additional fees or charges.

Contract Review

Most of the vendor proposals will also include their contract! PLEASE read through every. single. word. of their contracts. We really mean it! If you don’t want to deal with all the legalese jargon, then hire us so we can do it for you. But please make sure someone does it! We’ve seen too many things that were (or weren’t) in other brides’ contracts that did not protect them or that ripped them off. So whatever you do, review every contract thoroughly before signing and putting down your deposit. Pay close attention to the terms and conditions, cancellation policies, payment schedules, payment fees, and any other important details, and seek clarification on any aspects of the contract that are unclear or concerning.

4. Designing Décor and Floral Arrangements

This is one of our favorite parts of the planning process, because you get to make everything look pretty! 🤗 However, creating a cohesive and visually stunning look for your wedding does involve careful consideration of all the décor and floral arrangements. Here are our personal suggestions for how to design your wedding décor effectively:

Dallas wedding florist: Blushington Blooms @blushingtonblooms

Theme Development

Work with a wedding designer (hey, that’s us!) to develop a cohesive theme or concept for your wedding décor. With all our couples, we take their Pinterest boards and any ideas they have and make it all come together in a way that looks beautiful and cohesive! Not like a hodge-podge mess. ;) As you create your theme and color scheme, think about personal touches that you like and that reflect your personalities! Are you more natural and muted, or are you bright and bold? Do you have a personal favorite color that you want to incorporate? Any flowers that are your favorites? Use these small details and the desires the Lord put in you to make your wedding look like you!

Venue Assessment

Conduct a thorough assessment of your wedding venue to determine its existing aesthetic and any specific décor requirements it has! A lot of venues won’t allow nails or hanging items, so make sure they allow the decor you’re thinking about! Take into account the architectural features of the venue, lighting, and space constraints when working with your florist and planning the design.

Décor Elements

Select décor elements that enhance your chosen theme and that complement the overall design you have in mind! This includes the table settings (would gold or silver chargers look better?), linens (a pop of color or the traditional white?), signage, lighting, and other decorative accents. Pay attention to those small details, too, that contribute to your guests’ experience! Like personalizing your table numbers or leaving a thank you note on every plate.

Floral Design

Work closely with your florist to design floral arrangements that fit your wedding theme and color scheme. Obviously, if your colors are dusty blue and rose pink, then you aren’t going to want mustard yellow tablecloths. Create a color palette with 3-5 different colors, and then have your florals work within those colors! Consider the seasonality of flowers, your budget, and any specific floral preferences you may have. Flowers beautify everything, so don’t be shy with them if your budget allows! Use them in your centerpieces, the cross, the cake table, the doorway, the ceremony pews…anywhere you want!

Mock-Up and Revisions

Mock-ups are a fancy way of saying “samples.” After you sit down with your florist, and you have the proposal of your colors and which flowers you want, then she’ll actually create a sample of your bouquet and centerpieces! This is super helpful, especially for my visual brides out there! This is also when wedding planning gets SUPER exciting, because you actually get to see all these details coming to life! You could even ask your florist to bring them to your venue or the rental company, and you can see how it looks with the linens and table decor. You’ll use this as an opportunity to make any necessary revisions or adjustments to ensure that the final design meets your expectations.

Installation and Execution

Coordinate with your Dallas wedding planner or coordinator to ensure that your décor and floral arrangements are installed and executed according to plan on the day of your wedding! For our couples, we make sure everything is set up exactly how you want, and you don’t have to worry whether or not it’s being done correctly! We’ll communicate any specific instructions or preferences to your vendors to make sure everything comes together beautifully and seamlessly. 🙂

5. Finalizing Details

Dallas wedding caterer: Patriotic Pig @patrioticpigweddings

Confirm Vendor Contracts

Girl, by this time, it’s been months (if not years!) since you last looked at these contracts. You’ll want to take a look at them again to make sure you know the correct times, how long you get your vendors for on the day of, and exactly what they provide. If you didn’t add on glassware with your rental company, then you’re going to want to double-check that you added it on with your bartenders! This is why you need to thoroughly review and confirm ALL your vendor contracts. Yep, we said all, haha. Double-check the details, the services provided, the payment schedules, and any additional fees. Having everything in writing helps prevent misunderstandings and ensures that everyone is on the same page! Trust us, it’s much better to sort these things out NOW, instead of on the morning of your wedding day.

Create a Detailed Timeline

Having a detailed timeline is so, so important on the wedding day! Create one that outlines each activity and its corresponding time. Include vendor arrival times, setup times, when the ceremony starts, photos, the reception entrance, the speeches, and all the other important things. Sharing this timeline with your vendors and wedding party ensures that everyone knows their roles, and it helps the day run smoothly!

Side note: Your vendors may already be bugging you for a timeline, but they can wait! Trust us when we tell you this. Typically, with our couples, we’ll send over the final timeline 2-4 weeks out. They do not need it any earlier than that, we promise. :) 

Coordinate with Your Wedding Planner or Coordinator

Stay in close communication with your Dallas wedding planner or coordinator in the days leading up to your wedding! Address any last-minute concerns or changes, and ensure that they have all the necessary information so that they don’t have to bug you about anything! Having a professional wedding planner oversee the logistics allows you to relax and enjoy your day without worrying about the details. Your only job is to wake up, be a beautiful bride, and cherish every single moment!


We pray that our comprehensive checklist was helpful for you, friend! We know this is a lot, but the Lord has you in His hands! Planning your Dallas Fort Worth wedding is definitely a whirlwind of excitement, emotions, and logistics. But we’re here to help you navigate through the knots and create a wedding day that you’ll cherish forever! So embrace this beautiful journey that God is taking you on, cherish all these sweet moments that He’s showering on you, and celebrate the beginning of your love story in the heart of Dallas Fort Worth.

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