June 16, 2020

How to Plan Your Dallas Fort Worth Wedding During COVID-19

Oh goodness, where to even start? Firstly, I want you to know that my heart goes out to you. I am SO sorry that you have to go through this. 😔  I couldn’t even imagine being engaged and going through this stressful, discouraging, and confusing season with COVID. Gosh, wedding planning is already crazy enough as it is! Throw a pandemic on top of it, and it’s for sure not an easy road.

So, in order to help you plan your wedding as much as I can, I’ve put my wedding planning resources together and the knowledge I have in the wedding industry to help you get what you need. And most importantly, to give you peace about it. So that you can go to sleep at night knowing that you will get to marry the love of your life.

There are a lot of resources in here, and I’ve sectioned them out so you can go through and look at the ones you need for your specific situation! And girl, please reach out to me if you need anything, okay? You can find me on Facebook and send me a message, or even send me a text! My number is at the very bottom of the page. You’re definitely not alone, and we’re all in this together. ❤️

Much love,


P.S. If you’d like to have some support and encouragement from other brides who are in the EXACT same boat as you, please join the free Beautiful Fairytale Brides Facebook group! It would be so amazing to have you!

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Why You NEED to Be Wedding Planning During COVID-19

I know that it is SO difficult to plan your wedding during this season of COVID. Should you just put all planning on hold? Will all of it be for nothing because of this pandemic? Is it worth planning right now?

Watch the video below to see why you still NEED to be planning, even when things are so up in the air right now. ❤️


We work with brides all across the United States. :)

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Wedding Venues Are Reopening: What Do You Do?

Venues are opening back up. So what do you do? Do you carry on as normal? Do you plan on postponing? What is the best choice for you to make?

Click the video below to find out what you should do and what's best for you and your wedding. ❤️

What Should You Do if Your Guests Are Scared to Come to Your Wedding Because of COVID?

As the country starts opening back up, it gives us hope that weddings will be able to happen again! But just because it's okay to go to social events doesn't mean that your guests will necessarily feel comfortable going out.

So what should you do?

Should you continue postponing until things are completely back to normal? Should you just continue on with your wedding and accept the small guest count?

Watch the video below to get some advice on what to do and how to make sure your guests feel safe and comfortable.

Looking for someone to help you along the way? Especially with all this COVID-19 mess. 😩  I’m here for you, my dear. We work with brides all across the United States.

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COVID-19: What’s a Bride to Do?

I know that you must have so many questions rolling around in your mind:

😷 What happens if your dress is delayed and won't come in on time?
😷 Your wedding is postponed: What's the best way to spread the word? Do you send out another invitation?
😷 What if you ordered all of these items and wedding favors with your date that's now incorrect?
😷 If you're tight on cash and worried about making payments for your venue and vendors, what are you supposed to do?
😷 All the stores are closed. How are you supposed to order the groom's suits and attire?

Watch the video below to get some answers and get some of that weight taken off your shoulders. ❤️

How to Stop Feeling the COVID-19 Wedding Blues

For so long, you've dreamed of your magical fairy tale wedding! The gorgeous dress you would wear, the stunning venue you would get married at, the delicious cake and desserts that no one would want to stop eating!  

But all of that has been shaken up because of COVID-19. And IT'S OKAY to feel sad. IT'S OKAY to feel heartbroken and discouraged and angry!  

So here's a little bit of encouragement so you do still have the wedding of your dreams. ❤️











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