December 1, 2022

What’s the Difference Between a Dallas Wedding Planner and Wedding Coordinator?

So you've been hearing the terms "wedding planner" and "wedding coordinator" tossed around as you're planning your wedding. Is there an actual difference between the two? Which one should you hire for your Dallas wedding? Read below to find out! 😊

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  1. Dallas Wedding Planners vs. Wedding Coordinators
  2. What Do Wedding Planners and Wedding Coordinators Do Differently?
  3. How Much Do Wedding Planners and Coordinators Cost in the Dallas area?
  4. Should You Hire a Wedding Planner or a Wedding Coordinator?
  5. Where Can You Find Wedding Planners and Coordinators in Dallas?

1. Dallas Wedding Planners vs. Wedding Coordinators

Did you know that wedding planners and wedding coordinators actually aren't the same thing? Wedding planners help you during the actual planning process, while wedding coordinators come in at the end and run your wedding day for you!

What Do Dallas Wedding Planners Do?

A Dallas wedding planner helps you throughout the entire planning process! As soon as you hire her, she starts working with you to put all the pieces together. She helps you find your dream wedding venue, your caterers, your florist, your dress, and all your vendors! She helps you create your wedding budget and keeps track of all the tasks that need to get done!

You’ll want to hire a wedding planner if you feel completely lost when it comes to the planning aspect. You need help knowing where to start, and you would love to have someone who knows what they're doing and can guide you throughout the whole process!

She also coordinates the wedding day for you, as well! So wedding coordination is included in a wedding planner's services.

What Do Wedding Coordinators Do?

A wedding coordinator does not help throughout the planning process. She comes in at the end to wrap up the final details, confirm all your vendors, and make sure your wedding day goes just how you imagine!

Working with a wedding coordinator is best if you feel really good about your planning! You love taking care of all the nitty gritty details, you’re super organized, and you  know exactly what kind of wedding you want. You go, girl! You definitely don’t need a planner; just get a wedding coordinator to make sure all your amazing plans happen the way you want them to. 😊


Click the button below to fill out our contact form and see if we’re available on your wedding date! Our price for full wedding planning is $6995, and our wedding day-of coordinator package is $1995.


2. What Services Are Included with a Wedding Planner vs. Wedding Coordinator?

There are a loooooot of small differences in the specific services that Dallas wedding planners and coordinators provide, so we’re going to give you our specific services as an example! 😊

Full Wedding Planner Services:

If you hire us as your full wedding planner for your Dallas wedding, here’s a list of what we, as your Dallas wedding planners, do for you:

Day-Of Wedding Coordinator Services:

You might have heard of "day-of coordinators" or "month-of coordinators." Really, they're pretty much the same. All wedding coordinators typically start meeting with you the month before your wedding, so that they can perfectly execute your wedding day!

If you hire us as your day-of coordinators for your Dallas wedding, this is what we'll provide for you:


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3. How Much Do Dallas Wedding Planners & Coordinators Cost in the Dallas Area?

Wedding planners in Dallas are different than wedding coordinators in that they’re with you all throughout the planning process! Instead of being with you for only a month or two, your planner is helping you as soon as you hire her! That’s many months and hundreds of hours of time that she’s spending with you, so it reflects in how much they cost. 😊

How Much is it to Hire a Dallas Wedding Planner?

Typically, wedding planners offer both full planning and partial planning packages. Read below to see how much each one costs!


With full wedding planning packages, your wedding planner helps you find your venue and all your vendors, as well as draw up a budget, create a vision board for your dream wedding, make a timeline specific for you, and coordinate the entire rehearsal and wedding day for you. She's there with you from start to finish, doing all the heavy lifting for you!

Full wedding planning packages for Dallas wedding planners start around $3,000 for less experienced planners, all the way up to over $12,000. On average, you’ll find planning packages between $2,000 and $5,000 in the Dallas area.


With partial wedding planning packages, you don't get as much help from your wedding planner like with the full wedding planning packages. Typically, you’ve already found your venue or quite a few vendors on your own! Partial wedding planners help fill in the missing pieces and keep you on track during the planning. There's usually less planning meetings included than with full planning, and partial wedding planners may not help you find any vendors or help with your theme/design. However, partial wedding planning packages vary wildly from wedding planner to wedding planner, so we suggest asking specifically what they include!

Partial wedding planning packages for Dallas wedding planners start around $1,500 for less experienced wedding planners and go up to $3,000-$4,000 for experienced ones.

How Much is it to Hire a Dallas Wedding Coordinator?

A wedding coordinator comes in about one month before your wedding to help you finalize your details, confirm your vendors for you, and run the wedding day! You can find less experienced wedding coordinators in Dallas for as low as $350-$750. These are wedding coordinators who are either just starting out, have little to no experience, or don't do weddings full-time. More seasoned wedding coordinators can range anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 for their day-of coordination packages.

We offer full wedding planning and day-of coordination packages! Our full planning package is $6995, and our day-of coordination package is $1995. We would be so honored to help you plan your special day! Click the button below to fill out our contact form and inquire with us. 😊


4. Should You Hire a Wedding Planner or a Wedding Coordinator?

That’s a great question, and definitely one you should think about! Below are some questions to help you figure out if you should hire a wedding planner, or a day-of or month-of wedding coordinator.

  1. How well can you envision your Perfect Dream Wedding? Could you draw out and visualize every detail, or do you need help figuring out what you actually want?
  2. How are you feeling about your planning overall? Do you feel excited and confident about putting every detail together, or are you stressed out and feeling lost on where to start?
  3. Have you found your venue yet?
  4. How do you feel when thinking about the wedding budget? Do you know exactly how much you have to spend and have an estimate of how much everything will cost, or is the whole budget thing just stressing you out?
  5. How many vendors have you booked so far?
  6. How much time do you have to invest in planning your wedding? Do you have 5-10 hours you can set aside every week, or are you swamped with work, school, and life stuff?

**If your answer was to the first part of questions 1, 2, 4, and 6, then hiring a wedding coordinator would most likely be the best choice for you! If your answer was to the second part of these questions, then definitely look into hiring a full wedding planner. 😊

**If you've already found your wedding venue and a few wedding vendors, great job girl!! Hiring a wedding coordinator would most likely be the best choice for you. If you haven't found your venue or many vendors, then definitely consider a full wedding planner!

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5. Where Can You Find Dallas Wedding Planners & Coordinators?

You came to the right place, girlie! Our wedding planning business offers both full wedding planning and day-of coordination, as well as an online DIY wedding planning course for brides! If you’d like to learn more about our services, then come to our website! If you like what you see, then you can fill out our contact form by clicking the button below. 😊


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